Tinder & Friends – June 2, 2014

On the Thursday right before Memorial Day weekend, I decided to enter the Strife wallpaper contest at the very last minute. After an initial glance at the Strife fankit, I was suddenly inspired to do a piece for all the pets … and not just the pets, but the chibi versions of the pets. And Tinder is (was?) my favorite hero, so I thought it’d be perfect if she was playing with all the cute pets; she IS a forest faerie. I nearly killed myself thinking about how ridiculously cute this picture¬†would be. And believe you me, I have a huge weakness for cute things!

After talking to AlphaSinner and sort of brushing him off for my sudden inspiration (sorry!!), I came up with a super quick sketch of my concept: Tinder playing with all the pets! Except for, of course, poor Pincer. Because he has claws for hands, and can’t hug Tinder.

First, I very quickly did a sketch of what I wanted the image to look like, and where each pet would be.


Then I drew the line art for everything.

Line art

(I totally laughed after I drew Pincer hanging out to the side. Awww man, I’m so mean!)

After finishing the line art, I colored all the subjects.

By the way, it’s worth mentioning that I hate my coloring skills, and am looking to practice coloring so that it’s not so flat/high contrast/jarring. I’ve taken color theory twice, and I still feel like I don’t have anywhere near the level of mastery over it as I should. Also, digital coloring is really different from traditional coloring, unless you use a program like Painter. I’m used to approaching color as mixtures of red, yellow, blue, black, and white, rather than as a palette of millions of possibilities.

After coloring, I worked on the background. I did a super quick sketch of the concept for it …

But then I suck at background art. After some failed attempts at making a simple version of what I had envisioned, I decided to go for a much simpler, more abstracted version of a forest clearing. Without the trees. Because, you know, I suck.

The finished product:

And if for any reason you want to watch the progression video, you can view so below. It’s been sped up by 5,000%! The background song is “Let Me Down (Slowly)” by The Main Drag.

Oh, and by the way, my entry won the Strife wallpaper contest, and I got a Moxie plush + t-shirt as a prize. :D

You can download more variants of the wallpapers here!

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