Melon Does Art: Tinder & Friends

On the Thursday right before Memorial Day weekend, I decided to enter the Strife wallpaper contest at the very last minute. After an initial glance at the Strife fankit, I was suddenly inspired to do a piece for all the pets … and not just the pets, but the chibi versions of the pets. And Tinder is (was?) my favorite hero, so I thought it’d be perfect if she was playing with all the cute pets; she IS a forest faerie. I nearly killed myself thinking about how ridiculously cute this picture¬†would be. And believe you me, I have a huge weakness for cute things!

After talking to AlphaSinner and sort of brushing him off for my sudden inspiration (sorry!!), I came up with a super quick sketch of my concept: Tinder playing with all the pets! Except for, of course, poor Pincer. Because he has claws for hands, and can’t hug Tinder.

See all the progress screens, as well as the progress video, underneath the cut!

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#IndieTuesday Episode 6 Recap: Broforce

Hey guys! As part of my effort in revitalizing this dump I mean stomping grounds for all things meloncollie, I’m going to be posting my #IndieTuesday stuff here. ;)

Read more about what I thought of Broforce underneath the cut!

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